Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wow where have I been and what have I been doing and going forward

And we are at the 4th quarter of the year for 2015. Whatever  happened to my Hobby Posts?

Well as always works get in the way of some gaming time. It had me going to the states in July of last  year for a couple of weeks and then  after a series of events had me being sent back to the states for the long haul in December missing out on a lot of family events.

I have not been idle game wise though. I had brought my Tau and goblin stuff to try to paint (as well as other figures) but never was able to get most of them worked on. I did get some board gaming time in most recently being part of massive games of Twilight Imperium as well as one small game from FFG called:  Star Wars : Armada.

I want to keep this blog alive though as a way for me to monitor my progress in my  painting. But I will start to keep track of my gaming stats in Armada here as well as the other gaming stuff that I am involved in.

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