Thursday, March 1, 2018

Throw back Thursday Time, What excites me right now Looking back

Looking at all the old posts that I have, it is amazing that I have been posting here on and off for the last 10+ years. Most of the armies that I have are sadly still unpainted and yet I am still collecting other stuff.

Games Workshop


I have been slowly selling off my figs that I have had in sprue or still in boxes.. with Facebook it is a lot easier to sell em off. Most of the TAU units that I have is gone and I still have a bunch of figs in boxes that I have.. I probably will not be able to sell off all of the other items but I do want to keep the Ork units that I have now and expand there.  The Space Marines I am still torn/ stubborn about letting them all go as well as the Chaos SM.

Need to finish painting my Orks (slowly) and finally get a game of 8thed.

Fantasy is dead
Games Workshop has long killed Fantasy for them to focus on Age of Sigmar. There are still folks that play it but with most of my time spent at home and with my OnG army still unpainted not sure if I can get some play time on them.

Fantasy Flight Games.

Star Wars Armada

I have always loved Capital ships, not really a snub fighter type of player which is why I have not been a fan of Xwing. I did dabble in Star Trek Attack Wing a few times but when FFG announced that they would have a capital game I went all in and collected my fleet. This was my game of choice when I was in San Antonio and made a lot of great friends over there.

Once I arrived back in Manila I have been trying to promote the game for folks over here. Sure is a lot harder though, folks aren't into capital ships I guess.

Imperial Assault

Not  my go to game of choice since I am more of an Armada player but this plays like Xwing in the sense it takes a small footprint of space only and takes an hour to complete. Might be playing more of this in the months to come.

Need to paint these guys now.

Rune Wars

With Fantasy blocks dead this is my new Fantasy game of choice.. Not sure if there would be a following here. I at least got a game scheduled though middle of March so at least it has gotten me back to painting

Privateer Press

Sold off the Everblight stuff. I am okay wiht that.

Other Games

Star Trek Attack Wing

Sigh moving on


I still got my stuff.. at least I can get Romy to play this with me

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