Sunday, April 1, 2018

Rune Wars : Miniatures - Waiqar Core Set painting

I have been painting my rune wars miniatures since I arrived back home. Managed to finish another 2 trays worth of Cavalry before doing and surprisingly completing the Waiqar set of the core set. I guess when you get to have flow you are able to complete stuff.. who would have thunk.

Holy week painting.

Finished painting the Waiqar Archers before I decided to head long complete Arabus in one afternoon and then the Carrion Lancer the next day while waiting for the Laundry. I am actually quite pleased with how this all got finished.

With this I actually managed to completely finish the Waiqar Core set army. If I focus on finishing the Daqan Hero I will manage to finish both Core sets. I am actually in the zone. If I do finish her I can then promise myself to get me that Ork Mega Armor plastic box.

Of to more painting for me.

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